Natural Gas Savings Technology

"Create Impossible Conquer The Impossible"


The Technology

A new process for using gas. By using the process, it is possible to save about 70% to 80% of gas usage. It can be applied everywhere for burning gas. As residential, commercial and industrial use.

Hybrid Gas Burners – Stop wasting gas – Appropriately use the natural energy, Save natural gas, Save money, Save working time.


Why use this burner?

  • This burner reduces and saves 70% to 80% of the user’s gas consumption. By this, natural energy is conserved.

  • Gas cylinder refill time will be 3 times longer. As a result, the hassle of changing the gas cylinder and expense will be 3 times reduced. As same as, The amount of the prepaid meter gas bill will be reduced.
  • The industrial users associated with the gas pipeline supply, required amount of gas line size will be less. 

    i,e: The industries which need to use 6 inch gas pipe lines now those industries can meet the need using minimum 2 inch maximum 3 inch gas pipe lines,

    So the cost will be reduced. As well as natural gas will be saved. The world reserve of natural gas will stay longer.

  • This technology is capable of operating at very low pressure gas flows. Therefore, the users will not fall into heat crisis with the very small amount of gas flow.

  • This burner is able to generate extra heat as needed which saves time.

  • Hybrid gas burner is the highest gas saving burner. Save money and save time and save natural energy.


The Difference 

It is a process to build a new type of burner / stove / furnace, burning gas to creating temperature, this Appropriate process is different from the available process. This process are able to produce extra heat from natural gas. Thus, the amount of gas that a ordinary burner uses to produce a certain amount of heat, requires [compared to a ordinary burner] only 20% to 30% of gas to produce the similar amount of heat in a hybrid burner. 


A comparative example of this new technology versus recent uses prosses is, the LED / Energy saver lamp currently in use versus the yellow light lamp as fluorescent / incandescent bulbs used earlier. 

This product “Hybrid gas burner” will be able to effect in market as same as energy saver lights create the effective demand in market.


This burner can be made in three stages: Residential, Commercial and Industrial. The workflow in all sections is the same, the calculation and the size of the flow are determined to create the amount of temperature.

The Future

The target to build this burner is Replace all of the gas wasting burners at residential and commercial. For residential and commercial use, all things area ready to manufacture. For industrial use, we need to know the required temperature and area of (Boilers, Furnaces and other) company's uses machine, Then we will make and supply the required temperature creating Exflow’s. (To build the burner needed to create some new device. One of the new devices named "Exflow".)

Hybrid gas burner

A New Innovation

Energy Saving

Technology Behind

Long Lasting

Appropriate Process

Money Saving

High Temperature

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